Can drinking tea cure sore throat?

When a morning you get up and it feel like something stuck in your throat which is causing a lot of pain, irritation and itching. This is really annoying situation because as many times as you swallow anything, your throat cause more pain and create an uncomfortable situation for you.

Sore throat can be the first sign of cold, a side effect of strained vocal cords, allergies, sickness, smoking or an indication of something more serious. Well, regardless of causes, you need to immediate concern when soreness strikes your throat. You may be tempted to visit the doctor but you can treat this condition at home without the doctor’s help. I think there is nothing more amazing than treating your problem at home without dealing with medicines or pills. Isn’t it? Well, tea for sore throat is one of the ideal treatment options for treating your annoying situation fast.

Tea for sore throat

It is generally said that when you have a sore throat problem you need to increase the intake of fluids as this will hydrate your throat as well as soothe your irritated sore throat. If your sore throat is accompanied by the symptoms of the common cold, hot liquids such as drinking tea will be very helpful for you. 

Drinking tea for sore throat not only improves drainage but also decreases stuffiness. There are effective herbal plants which can give you really amazing results in soothing your sore throat.

Tea of marshmallow root -:

Marshmallow root has been using since middle ages for treating sore throats and other conditions too. Its root contains a gelatin-like substance known as mucilage which coats and lubricates the throat when you swallow it. You just need to bo
il some marshmallow root in water for at least 15 minutes. Let it cool down so that you can drink this easily. Drink this tea 2 times a day and you will feel better.

Tea of honey -:

You might have heard the name of honey many times in treating various health issues. Honey is actually the great source of anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help in soothing the irritated sore and reduce the pain and inflammation caused by sore throat. You can add honey in your regular tea or take it directly to get its maximum benefits. Honeyis very effective in treating common cold, cough and the sore throat. You will get instant relief by drinking this tea.

Chamomile tea -:

Drinking tea for sore throat is a great way of getting relief and get back to normal quickly. Chamomile has been used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent for healing many health ailments. This will reduce inflammation, itching and swelling. Sore throat is often due to swelling of the pharynx- the back of your throat. If you have these symptoms, drinking tea for sore throat can do wonder for you in providing you relief from the pain.

You can even add honey and lemon water in chamomile tea for an extra flavorful punch. Experiment with citrus and honey to find a great tasting way to make your throat feel better.

Ginger tea -:

Ginger tea is one of the best teas for sore throat. You can easily get relief from sore throat by drinking tea made of a powerful ingredient known as ginger. Ginger is well known for its ability of soothing the sore throat. You just need to add some crushed ginger in boiling water or regular tea and drink this 2-3 times in a day. You will get relief from the pain, itching and inflammation of sore throat within some days.

Drinking tea is one of the best options for your sore throat problem. Give a chance to tea for treating your problem at home without dealing with medicines. Drinking tea will bring some relief from those sleepless night when you can’t seem to stop coughing or irritated with sore throat. These herbal remedies of tea will definitely work for you.